Why We Support Mercy UK | Mercy UK | Arianna Walker | Transformation
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Why We Support Mercy UK

Why We Support Mercy UK

Why We Support Mercy UK

Did you know that 10% of all of our profits go to Mercy UK?

When I first heard Mercy UK CEO, Arianna Walker speak, I was impacted by her understanding of how to journey with people in pain. She described her experiences in trying to get help for her sister Debbie who had been battling drug addiction and suicidal tendencies. She talked about pearls being created out of trauma.

As a survivor of sexual abuse and rape I understand some of the struggles facing people coming through difficult circumstances. I have experienced some of the mental health and behavioural issues that can come out of those kinds of experiences. I also experienced the journey of the right help and support to move into freedom.


Mercy UK work with men and women who are experiencing life controlling issues such as addictions, mental health problems, self-harm and self esteem issues. They equip, encourage and empower them to live restored and healthy lives, through a variety of ways,

“Mercy United Kingdom is committed to educating leaders, equipping individuals and empowering churches


  • Effective Discipleship Resources
  • Pastoral Support Services
  • Residential Homes (for young women with life controlling issues)

We look to address the root causes of issues individuals face, rather than merely medicating the symptoms or addressing the external behaviour.

We seek to help break the cycle of destruction by helping others find freedom and restoration through the services we provide. This in turn will positively affect the generation they will parent and drastically reduce the chances of history repeating itself.”

It was a  no brainer that GingerTwentyTwo would get behind this organisation. I have heard amazing stories of transformation from people who have benefitted from the passionate and tireless work of Mercy UK.  Men and women whose lives have been transformed from brokenness to freedom. From pain to pearl.

Our Support

GingerTwentyTwo supports Mercy UK because we believe no one should face pain and brokenness alone. We believe the church needs equipping to support people in pain well. We believe everyone has the right to live a life of hope.

This year 10% of our profits will go to Mercy UK. Over the Christmas period we will be donating 15% on all profits made on our Christmas Cards and Identity Collection.

If you would like to support Mercy UK please take the time to visit their site. They also have some fantastic resources available for churches and individuals.