New Year 2018 | Happy New Year | January Sale | 15% Off
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Happy New Year | January Sale | Sales

New Year Sale

Happy New Year | January Sale | Sales


The new year is here and we are expectant and excited for what’s ahead! We’re not making ‘resolutions’ this year. We always break them, or forget about them by February! (Please tell us we’re not alone in that?)

So, this year we’re looking at making lasting lifestyle changes that we can easily implement and sustain throughout the year!  We’re looking at how we spend our time, how we’re treating our bodies and whether we are intentionally pursuing our promises or just drifting… What about you? What are your desires for this year?

Our ‘word’ for this year is ‘Health‘. Not just physical and mental health (but definitely including them), but being healthy people in all sorts of ways and being involved in healthy things. It includes health in the things we give ourselves to, like running a healthy business, or helping the people we are alongside to be healthy in the things they do. It encompasses things like making good choices and be mature in our outlook, living intentionally, with good boundaries, and of course eating and exercise!

Do you have a ‘word’ for 2018?

Have you thought about having your word or goal for the year turned into a print for your house? We can help you with that, we offer custom postcards, A4 and A3.


To ease you into the new year we’re hosting a sale in our Etsy store for the whole of this month. Yep, that’s right, throughout January you will receive 15% off when you spend £15 – including our custom and personalised prints! Woo Hoo!


Whether it’s Birthdays, Valentine’s, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christenings, Weddings or Congratulations, we are here for you all year to help you in your celebrations and encouragements. Check out our product range for inspiration.

Here’s to a loved-filled year for all of you!