GingerTwentyTwo | Who are GingerTwentyTwo?
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About Us

Here at GingerTwentyTwo we create and sell simple hand lettered prints, greeting cards and gifts. We love to encourage and empower people and help to spread little messages of love, hope and positivity around the planet. Our products inspire and evoke a smile of the heart.

As well as our store products we also design custom prints. All of our products are made in England.

Awesome, but WHO are you?

Well, mostly ‘we’ are Jules Loveland, founder, designer, writer, administrator, book-keeper and packer-up-erer(!). However, alongside Jules is her husband Dave, who is chief encourager and awesome tea-maker, and also their two children Finlay and Freya who ‘want to draw pictures for GingerTwentyTwo when they grow up’.

Jules’ background is in media and communications. She’s a passionate, fiery redhead (see below) and lives to help people know how loved they are; to find their worth and their significance and understand where they fit in the bigger picture of life.

As a writer Jules understands the power of words and has set-up the business as a way of getting some positive and true words into people’s lives, to directly counter the fear and negativity that comes through our media. Good words create soil for people to grow tall. Jules desires to love, encourage, inspire and empower—and that’s the aim of GingerTwentyTwo.

So, why ‘GingerTwentyTwo’?

We get asked this a lot, so let’s address it; it’s a weird name, right? Well, Jules is ginger, and proud of it—it’s the most obvious thing about her, so why not? And Twenty Two? Jules and Dave married on the 22nd (of April) so that’s a happy day, and Jules sees the number EVERYWHERE she goes. Coincidence? Probably not! So, GingerTwentyTwo it is!